EPC Aurora

A break down of an EPC Certificate   -   Reduced Data Standard Procedure (Rdsap)

  • How energy efficient your property is from a rating of A-G ( 'A' being very efficient and low energy cost to heat, down to 'G' being very inefficient and costly to heat).
  • An Enviromental impact rating from A-G, is based on an average occupancy and energy use of types of appliances such as Heating systems, lighting and insulation.

This will give you a little insight on how your property is performing and an idea if you need to make slight improvements to the property for rental purposes for example (you need to aim for band D). 

We can all simply reduce our homes CO2 cost effectively by swapping lights for low energy ones, reduce the heating temperature and hot water systems, using the dryer less, buying plants and checking draught proofing around your windows and doors. 

The top actions listed are recommendation for your property only, that will impact your rating the most and help to save you in cost and energy overall.

Next we have a star rated feature for Energy efficiency and Enviromental table. This shows us the quality of the building fabric, insulation levels, the type of glazing fitted, lighting, heating and hot water

​These points covered above are assumptions based on an average household usages.

Last but not least is the Recommendations list, based on your property only. By considering the top actions on page 1 to the recommended improvements list, you will have a better understanding what impact those actions will make from the rating score you received. 

​Near the end of your certificate will have additional information about your recommendations. All this will explain is the reason for choosing the type of action for your home. 


Now that all of the Certificate is covered the next thing to do if you are considering to make improvements is to discuss this with Home Energy Scotland who are free to call. They could offer you grants/loans and a list of schemes that may be beneficial. 

There are also a number of local charities in your area if you are struggling (more will be added as time go on):

  • Scarf
  • DEPHER CIC (Disability and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Repair)
  • Citizens advice
  • Udny climate action
  • ​Sustainable Ellon
  • Energy Saving Trust
  • ​Zero Carbon - Daviot